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What Makes Us The Best Tattoo Removal Clinic in Chicago?

It’s easy to claim that, “we’re the best tattoo removal in Chicago.” What does that really mean though? Why are we the best? In this post, we’ll tell you why Bare Tattoo Removal provides the best tattoo removal in Chicago and also give tips on what to consider when choosing your clinic. You can also check out what our clients have to say on Yelp.

  1. Most Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

    Laser technology is complicated and many people interested in tattoo removal don’t have the time to research the technology or even think much about it. There are a lot of laser manufacturers out there – so how do you know what’s best? There is too much to cover about all the features but some important qualities to consider are below. You can also read more about laser technology here. Beware, some clinics will use technology that’s not specifically designed for tattoo removal and will often produce some fading but has limited success at full removal.

    1. Wavelengths & Power

      Various wavelengths target different colors, which you can read more about here. Often times clinics will have just one or two wavelengths so they can take care of some colors of tattoos, but not others.

      Power is important because if the laser isn’t strong enough to reach pigment deeper in the skin, results will be limited. If you’re into the science, more specs can be found at

    2. Age of The Laser

      Laser technology has advanced significantly in the last 10 years. Many clinics will not upgrade to the latest tattoo removal technology. Instead, they will use outdated lasers and “run them into the ground.” Be sure to ask how old the equipment is. Within the last 5 years or so is ideal. If the machine looks like it’s from the 1980’s, it probably is.

    3. Maintenance

      Lasers are like any other machine; for optimal performance regular preventative maintenance should be done. Parts can wear out over time and provide a less effective treatment. Asking about the service record is an astute question that prospective clients never ask. The best tattoo removal clinics will service lasers at least once a year, depending on use.

  2. Experienced Team of Certified Laser Technicians Led by Dr. Dominic Tolitano

    Experience is critical. You can have the best technology but if the laser technician doesn’t use it properly, great technology won’t matter. Appropriate settings, safety precautions, and precise aiming are main aspects an experienced laser technician will focus on. The best tattoo removal clinics will also take the time to talk with you, explain the process and set expectations. During subsequent treatments they should ask if your health history has changed and what you experienced after treatment in order to determine appropriate settings.

    Most tattoo removal providers offer a wide range of services. At Bare, one of the reasons we’re the best tattoo removal provider in Chicago is that we solely focus on tattoo removal. We do more tattoo removal treatments in a month than some offices will do in a year. That’s the kind of experience you want.

  3. Competitive Pricing

    Remember, you want the best, not necessarily the cheapest. As we explained in this previous post, price should be a consideration but just one of many. Although prices can vary significantly, $49 per square inch per treatment is probably average.

  4. Unmatched Guarantees For Peace of Mind

    Not even the best tattoo removal clinics can guarantee full removal of a tattoo. There are simply too many variables to know for sure how each individual client will respond to treatment. BUT, that doesn’t mean guarantees can’t be made. For example, at Bare Tattoo Removal, if you pay in advance for all your treatments, we offer a 20% discount. If the tattoo comes off sooner than we estimated, we’ll refund your unnecessary treatments. If it takes longer, we’ll provide up to 6 months of additional treatments at no cost. These guarantees are unmatched and help make us the best tattoo removal provider in Chicago.

  5. Relaxed, Non-judgemental Atmosphere

    Lastly, our goal is to make you as happy and comfortable as possible. Whatever your reason for wanting tattoo removal, we’re here to support you and remove it as quickly, painlessly, and safely as possible. We’ll play your favorite music, offer you Fiji water, and see you during your scheduled appointment time.

So that’s what makes us the best tattoo removal clinic in Chicago. If you have any questions, we’re happy to help. You can email us at