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Bare Tattoo Removal patients around Chicago, Illinois and Munster, Indiana want the best tattoo removal results. What does getting the “best” entail? It entails having the best laser for tattoo removal in the hands of experienced technicians. The goal is to achieve:

  • Fastest ink fading / fewest laser tattoo removal treatments
  • Complete tattoo fading with no traces of ink left
  • No scarring or pigmentation changes to the skin
  • No blistering or scabbing
  • Ability to remove all tattoo ink colors on all skin types

Is it Possible To Remove a Tattoo Completely?

Yes, tattoos can be completely removed. In many cases, full tattoo removal is accomplished. Unfortunately, even the most advanced laser technology isn’t always able to achieve 100% fading. 90% – 95% tattoo clearance is more common. More on this in a moment.

The number of treatments required varies depending on many factors but is usually between 3 and 10 sessions.

Technology Plays A Major Role in Achieving the Best Tattoo Removal Results

As discussed in previous posts, having the best tattoo removal lasers is critical to achieving the best tattoo removal results. There are many lasers on the market and not all are created equal so be sure to do your research and ask informed questions during your tattoo removal consultation.

The Best Tattoo Removal Results Happen with the Easiest Tattoos

The best tattoo removal results often happen on the most qualified candidates (read: easiest tattoos). The laser technicians at Bare Tattoo Removal’s Chicago, Illinois and Munster, Indiana locations have removed a lot of tattoos and we know what to look for in evaluating how our patients will respond to treatment.

While some factors like lifestyle habits of exercise, water intake, and not smoking do impact how quickly and fully a tattoo is removed, the tattoo itself is a major factor.

What makes a tattoo easy to remove?

  • Low ink density – these are tattoos that don’t have a lot of ink in them.
  • Depth of tattoo ink – the deeper a tattoo, the harder it is for the laser light to target the ink pigment.
  • Black ink – black is the easiest color to target, followed by red. Blue, green, purple, yellow and white are difficult to remove (although fading or full removal is possible).
  • Amateur tattoos and low-quality inks – poorly done tattoos often have low ink density and the ink sits closer to the surface of the skin, making them easier to achieve fast results and easier to remove completely.
  • Skin type – although successful tattoo removal treatment can happen on all skin types, lighter skin tones have fewer instances of side effects. This allows technicians to be more aggressive in treating lighter skin toned patients to achieve faster results. Find out your Fitzpatrick skin type here.
  • No scar tissue in the skin prior to treatment – scar tissue (sometimes from the tattooing process itself) can prevent the laser light from penetrating through the tissue to target and shatter the tattoo ink.

What doesn’t matter for achieving the best tattoo removal results?

People with tattoo regret often think that the size of the tattoo plays a role in achieving the best tattoo removal results. Size only matters in the sense that it impacts pricing.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can book a free consultation for laser tattoo removal online here or contact Bare Tattoo Removal in the South Loop of Chicago, Illinois or Munster, Indiana for a free, personalized consultation and estimate to see if you’re a good candidate for treatment.