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The Chicago Police tattoo policy was tightened this week when the CDP issued a new directive limiting body art.

“Tattoos and body brandings will not be visible while on duty or representing the Department, whether in uniform, conservative business attire, or casual dress,” according to a police memo acquired by the Chicago Tribune.

As of Friday, for tattoos seen outside of the uniform, police will either be required to cover tattoos with matching skin tone adhesive bandage, tattoo cover-up tape, or receive laser tattoo removal procedures.

CPD reported that the policy is intended “to promote uniformity and professionalism.”

In light of the new Chicago Police tattoo policy, Chicago’s Bare Tattoo Removal is offering 20% OFF to CPD officers and recruits effected by rule change.

Bare’s Director and Certified Laser Technician, Cleighton DePetro, said, “We stand by the CPD move to limit tattoos on officers but want to help those impacted by the decision. Tape cover-up really isn’t a comfortable everyday option for our men and women in uniform. Laser tattoo removal is the best long-term solution and we’re proud to be a part of that.”

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