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For many people with tattoo regret, a simple, cheap option is to get a tattoo cover up. While tattoo cover ups may work for some, you would be wise to consider your options carefully. At Bare Tattoo Removal, our Chicago based team regularly sees clients with tattoo cover ups they now want removed. Here are the top 3 reasons you should think twice before getting a tattoo cover up:

3) You’ll Still Know What Lies Beneath The Tattoo Cover Up

If you don’t like the tattoo because it’s, say, your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend’s name, covering up the tattoo won’t necessarily help you move on. Often times, a tattoo cover up will simply be a larger, darker reminder of the old tattoo (or bad relationship, as in our example).

2) The Tattoo Cover Up Design May Be Too Constrained

Your tattoo artist will need to design the tattoo to cover the original piece. Depending on the ink content of the original tattoo and the desired design for the coverup, this can be very challenging. Even the most talented tattoo cover up artists may not be able to create a tattoo you truly want. Tattoo cover ups often end up being very dark blobs of ink and are obviously coving up an unwanted tattoo. Here are a few bad tattoo cover ups in case you want some examples. Of course, this is not always the case and perhaps a tattoo cover up is right for you – but at least consider all options first.

1) More Ink Isn’t Always Better

If you do end up regretting the tattoo cover up, it is much harder, takes longer, and is more expensive to undergo laser tattoo removal.

Aside from doing nothing and living with unwanted tattoos, a tattoo cover up work may be your least expensive option (learn more about laser tattoo removal pricing here). You should ask yourself though, whether a cover up is a) what you really want and b) if the artist can do a really great tattoo that you’ll like over the existing tattoo. If the answer to either of these questions is “no,” then laser tattoo removal may be a good option for you. We also frequently see clients who fade their tattoos first and then get tattoo cover ups over the faded work. This allows the artist much more freedom in what they create.

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