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One common thing we hear from clients at our Chicago tattoo removal clinic is that they actually like tattoos. Weird, right? Actually, no. It’s often the case that they simply don’t like their particular tattoo(s). People change and so do their tastes and attitudes (and relationships).

A great option is for those living with tattoo regret is to fade an existing tattoo to then have a tattoo artist create a tattoo cover up over the original.

Tattoo cover up: Why go through the fading process at all?

You may wonder why not just cover up a tattoo with another tattoo and skip the laser tattoo removal altogether. Good question. While going straight for a tattoo cover up may be good for you, it may also be a terrible idea. Tattoo artists are often constrained by the existing ink in the skin. What they can create and how good the tattoo cover up will look are big questions. Fading the original tattoo allows the artist much more freedom in what they create. Odds are you’ll be much happier with the final result.

Aside from artist skill, the success of tattoo cover up largely depends on the ink density of the original tattoo and how compatible that is with the design you want for the tattoo cover up. If they’re compatible, great. If not, it is much wiser to opt for laser tattoo removal first rather than adjust your preferred design. You’ll be happier in the end. We’ve seen too many clients who really hated their original tattoos, decided, “anything is better than this,” and add a lot more ink. While some results truly come out looking incredible, the end result is often a big blob of ink rather than well-executed tattoo artwork.

How many laser tattoo removal treatments will be required before a tattoo cover up can be done?

This varies widely from person to person and depends a lot on the individual tattoos you have and the ones you want for a tattoo cover up. It could require just a treatment or two or it could need ten or more treatments. In general, odds are that if you are hoping for 50% fading of your tattoo before getting a tattoo cover up, you will likely need 3-6 treatments. Check out this previous post for more detail on estimating the number of tattoo removal treatment sessions. Or, better yet, schedule a free consultation and we’ll be happy to discuss the process in person at our Chicago office.