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Tattoo Removal Cost is Based on Size and Number of Treatments

A $99 per treatment tattoo that required 4 treatments.

“How much will this tattoo removal cost?” That’s almost always the main thing on people’s mind when they consider getting laser tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal cost is a function of two things: size and number of treatments.

Before we delve into the price functions, a warning: while tattoo removal cost is important, make sure that you consider other factors too when choosing a clinic. Laser tattoo removal technology, laser technician experience, medical oversight and customer reviews / satisfaction are just a few things to look into. Check out our post on tips for what to ask when considering where to go for your tattoo removal. Although Bare Tattoo Removal is the least expensive clinic due to our low-cost business model and our price-match guarantee, we stress the importance of other factors when evaluating potential tattoo removal providers.

Tattoo Removal Cost Factor 1: Number of Treatments

There are many factors that impact the number of laser tattoo removal treatments you’ll need. Most clients require somewhere between 3 and 10 treatment sessions for full removal. Those treatments are spaced every 4 to 6 weeks in order to allow time for the ink to fade away.

One word to the wise: if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Some laser tattoo removal providers will over-promise just to make a sale. At Bare Tattoo Removal in Chicago and Northwest Indiana, we do our best to accurately estimate the number of tattoo treatments it will require to achieve your goals. If you’re quoted less than 5 treatments for full removal, chances are you’re being lied to – though there are exceptions. Regardless of the laser technology, most tattoos take between 5 and 10 treatments for full removal. Factors involved in estimating the number of laser tattoo removal treatments are explained here. We also offer unmatched guarantees within the industry so you can have peace of mind with our tattoo removal price quotes.

Tattoo Removal Cost Factor 2: Size of Tattoo

Some tattoo removal providers charge based on square inch. At Bare, we have size categories that range from $79 per treatment and go up to $499 per treatment for a half sleeve. The tattoo removal cost of a piece the size of a business card would be $99 per treatment.

Insider Tip: Ask About Discounts

Many tattoo removal clinics offer (but don’t advertise) various discounts that could save you big on your removal. For example, Bare Tattoo Removal offers 20% OFF ALL TREATMENTS to military recruits and veterans with proof of enrolling or veteran status.

Bare Tattoo Removal also offers FREE CONSULTATIONS so there’s no reason to hold back and at least get a quote. You may also want to look into online quote services like Tatts A Mistake that can refer you to local providers.