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There are many reasons people with tattoo regret feel nervous about laser tattoo removal. One common concern is paying without any tattoo removal guarantees on the number of treatments, whether full removal can be achieved, or that there won’t be scarring afterwards. We’ll explore each of those concerns in this post and give tips on what tattoo removal guarantees to look for and what guarantees should make you more skeptical than Brittany Spears.

Tattoo Removal Guarantees for Number of Treatments

A common issue is the number of tattoo removal treatment sessions required varies significantly because it depends on a host of factors. It’s very difficult to estimate exactly how many treatments a tattoo removal will take. Estimates may range from as few as 3 to 10 or more. As a result clients are left without a sense of what to expect in terms of the amount of time or the cost.

To put more certainty on the process, some clinics (Bare Tattoo Removal included) will offer tattoo removal guarantees that f you pay in advance for all your sessions,

  1. Any unnecessary treatments will be refunded if the tattoo is removed in fewer sessions than is estimated.
  2. Any additional treatments beyond the estimate will be provided for up to 6 months after the last paid treatment.

If a clinic you’re considering doesn’t offer a guarantee like this, it may be a sign they’re not confident in their estimate. They may be low-balling the estimate just to get you to started…only to have you realize later that the tattoo will take more treatments (time and money).

Tattoo Removal Guarantees for Full Removal

Full removal of a tattoo can be difficult and no one can guarantee full removal of a tattoo. If a provider guarantees full removal, you should be very skeptical.

One guarantee your provider can make, however, is that they cover some amount of sessions beyond the estimated number of treatments. Although the tattoo removal may take longer, at least you have a higher degree of confidence in the maximum cost for full removal. This is a guarantee Bare Tattoo Removal offers for clients who pay in advance for all their estimated treatments.

Tattoo Removal Guarantees That No Scarring Will Occur

This is another guarantee that cannot be made by any provider. Scarring is a common concern and a valid one. Although various factors may make some clients more susceptible to scarring, laser technology has advanced to a point where scarring is much less common than in the past. Moreover, experienced clinics will start treatments at baseline settings and increase settings to be more aggressive over time. This also minimizes the risk of scarring.

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