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Perhaps the least appreciated aspect of successful laser tattoo removal is the technology itself. Patients consistently only ask how much tattoo removal costs and how long it will take. They fail to appreciate that a significant aspect is the laser technology.
The best laser tattoo removal technology that is regularly serviced and operated by an experienced technician will remove your tattoo safer, faster, and achieve better results than an old, poor-quality laser that hasn’t been serviced and is operated by someone with little experience. Trying to get the lowest price for tattoo removal will often times end up costing you more time and money due to slower, less-effective results.
Keep in mind that Bare Tattoo Removal offers a price-match guarantee – so we emphasize the importance of the laser technology not because we expect you to pay more, but because we want our patients to understand the significance of the technology and appreciate it as a major factor in finding the best laser tattoo removal provider for them.
Our Chicago, Illinois (South Loop) office utilizes a Quanta Q+C laser while Bare Tattoo Removal of Munster, Indiana uses Cynosure’s RevLite laser. Both are modern, advanced lasers with multiple wavelengths to target all ink colors on all skin types.
The laser technology is complicated and, unless you are a physicist or work in the industry, can be difficult to understand. It gets especially complicated to understand when laser manufacturers try to “sell” their machines. Cutting through the marketing noise to find the true differences between lasers is not easy. At Bare Tattoo Removal, we pride ourselves on offering honest, clear explanations of the laser equipment. Here are some of the critical specs on Bare Tattoo Removal’s laser technology:

The Quanta Q+C Laser in Chicago, Illinois

  • The Quanta Q Plus C Laser for Tattoo Removal in the South Loop of ChicagoQ-Switched to obtain short pulses that allow the laser to generate nanosecond pulses of high energy and peak power within a solid-state laser. This is a critical factor that is specifically required to target tattoo ink. Some clinics that offer a range of skin treatments will offer tattoo removal but use lasers that are designed for other procedures and not Q-switched. Thus, they are less effective at removing tattoo ink.
  • 3 true wavelengths: Nd:YAG 1064 and 532 and a Ruby 694
    • This variety of wavelengths is difficult to find and allows us to effectively treat all ink colors on all skin types. Each wavelength targets a different range of ink colors on the spectrum.
    • Some lasers use hand-pieces to “bend” light to get a specific wavelength. When the light is bent, this reduces the power and thus the efficacy of the treatment. Quanta utilizes three true wavelengths.
  • Multiple spot sizes (4mm, 3mm, and 2mm) allow Bare Tattoo Removal to target various layers within the skin as well as achieving varied levels of energy that help remove tattoo ink. Tattoo artists can place ink in different layers of the dermis so being able to target different levels within the skin is important.
  • OPTIBEAM® technology assures a flat top beam profile. This means that the laser applies equal energy across the treatment area. Think of an unsharpened pencil hitting the skin evenly versus a sharpened pencil. The sharp pencil doesn’t impact the skin evenly and will cause damage in some areas and not impact others. Even energy distribution means less overlap for fewer instances of skin tissue damage that can lead to blistering and scarring.
Watch a video overview of the Quanta Q+C laser technology that Bare Tattoo Removal has in our Chicago office.

The Cynosure RevLite SI Laser in Munster, Indiana

  • Revlite SI for Laser Tattoo Removal in Northwest IndianaThe RevLite is also a Q-switched laser and offers 1064 and 532 true wavelengths. To target a larger range of colors, the RevLite has multiple dye hand-pieces to include a 585 and 650 nanometer wavelengths.
  • PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse™ (PTP) is a unique dispersion of energy that delivers narrow pulse widths at peak power to remove unwanted pigment in the fewest number of treatments possible.
Learn more about the RevLite SI laser technology offered at Bare Tattoo Removal’s Munster, Indiana clinic.

Does Laser Tattoo Removal Hurt?

Both clinics also offer Zimmer chiller technology that helps numb the skin to minimize any discomfort. The benefit of the chiller is that it improves comfort by providing consistent cooling of the skin before, during, and after treatment.

What about Pico, PicoSure, or PicoWay laser technology?

Bare Tattoo Removal regularly has laser sales specialists stop in our office trying to convince us they have the latest and greatest advancement in laser tattoo removal. Pico lasers are a type of laser that claims to achieve the best results in half the number of treatments as “conventional” lasers.
The term “pico” is derived from the pulse duration; picoseconds versus nanoseconds. A picosecond is 100x shorter than a nanosecond laser. Picosecond lasers are marketed as the newest technology and rely on a photo-acoustic (sound) or “photo-mechanical” effect rather than a photo-thermal (heat) effect.
 We have not seen a significant difference in the results of picosecond technology versus nanosecond technology. They are on par. Pico tattoo removal results photos that we see at Bare Tattoo Removal are always what we would consider “easy” tattoos to work on (black ink, amateur, low ink density) so the fast results look impressive to the untrained eye.  Our opinion of pico laser technology is confirmed by this study appearing in the Journal of the Laser and Health Academy.
Q-Switched Laser Tattoo Removal Results